San Francisco First Impressions

Ok, here’s some things about the bay area that I’ve noticed so far. Stop me if I’m wrong or if I go too far or…pandas…HERE’S THE LIST:

  1. People are in a hurry

  2. There’s a fucking shit ton of stuff and services and programs and stuff and things

  3. It’s really hard to meet people, and it’s really flipping easy to meet people

  4. When you’re nice, instead of rude or mean or just indifferent, people react with surprose

  5. Everyone, I mean EVERYONE, has a smartphone, and is on it like 24/7

  6. No one goes outside

  7. Everyone wants to go outside

  8. What people value is 100% different

  9. Confidence is everything

  10. People are motivated by what they can get from you, whether that be money, a leg up, help, a connection/friendship, or just the satisfaction of helping out

  11. People are surprisingly helpful

  12. Nothing is really as scary or intimidating as it seems

  13. Tell people you’re new or unfamiliar, they will help you


People from back home try to demonize the south all the time. They say things like

“All those city-folk are just trying to make our small town into a mini San Francisco!”

“Damn liberals, they’re ruining America!”

“I can’t stand how they want to take away our rights and make us be like them!”

It’s really not that way at all, at least upon first impression.

On a whole, the people I’ve met down here are more friendly, more ready to help, than anybody I met back home. People from my alma mater are more focused on their own lives than anyone I’ve come into contact with down here.

It’s because in a small town, where you have your own space and your own stuff, people are more focused on their own individual lives. It’s weird to say, because you’d think that in a smaller community people would realize that they fit into a community better, but from what I’ve seen people in the big city are more cognizant of the fact that they are a part of a bigger picture.

The people down here are intimately aware of the fact that they have a place in the overall operations of the world they live in, and that place isn’t as influential or glamorous as people up North might think.

Most people down here are merely trying to get by, to make enough to live on, to live comfortably, and to have a life that they enjoy. People back home are trying to create a legacy and a family. People down here are just trying to be happy.

The focus I’ve seen here on work is also notable. People in the city live to work. They wake up, eat fast, go to their job, work 8 to 9 to 10 hours, then they go home and continue working on various projects. There is an emphasis on the work-life balance that I’ve never seen before. The work-life balance was ingrained into the culture of Northern California. You work, then you clock off, then you go home. It’s really not the same here.

I have yet to experience the true force of the San Francisco night life, but I will report back when I do. We had a pretty huge product announcement at work today, so I had to stay and work all day, but when I have more free time/a few friends to help me out, I’ll be getting drunk in the city.

With me luck.