Magic the Gathering



     I like Magic cards.
     I started playing ten years ago. I had just joined Boy Scout Troop 125, and I saw some of the older guys playing a card game and getting really into it on one of our campouts.
     I asked them if they’d teach me how to play, and one of them handed me a deck and said he’d walk me through it.
     I stopped playing during high school after the guys left the troop. Then, last year, I got to the Chico dorms and met some guys and one girl who played or were interested in learning how.
     I’ve probably lined Wizzards’ pockets with hundreds of dollars since, and you know what, I don’t regret it.
     This is my hobby. My friends and I get together, create decks, and then battle to test our strategies. Plus the art. Did you see that card? Let’s look at the artwork by Jim Murray:


     That is beautiful. It’s so detailed, so unique, so personal. Wizzards contracts hundreds of real artists to design the artwork for their cards, and for me it makes all the difference in the world.
     I had Pokémon cards. My friends tried to get me into Yu Gi Oh. But what really drew me into MTG was the art. Just Google it.
     It takes work, careful planning, and you have to endure some pretty difficult decisions to make a deck and really play the game.
     I, for example, want my decks to do everything, but that’s impossible and they would end up being huge and non-functional.
     Some people woodcarve. Some play sports. Some do math. I like to play Magic.
     And there’s nothing wrong with that.


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