I have a dream for my life. I want to produce a single thing, make a single sound investment or write a really good book, that will allow me to live off that income for the rest of my life. Not worrying about money is a dream for me that will allow me to really do the things I want. 

For example, I want to travel to some dig site and dig. I’ve always wanted to be some sort of archaeologist or paleontologist. The problem is money. In that profession, grants fund most of your efforts. And grants only come if the people investing the money think your work is worth it. You are constantly at the mercy of someone else.

I don’t want that. I want to be free to go where I want on a whim. I want to be able to go to Tibet just because. I want to be able to decide to take a trip to the ruins of Machu Pichu or to take a river ride through the Grand Canyon and not have to go back to work on Monday.

In my ideal life, I want to have just enough money coming in each month that I don’t need to work, but that I can when I want to work. If I want to be a line cook for a year, then I can be a line cook. Then I can take a few months off, hit up Brazil, and then come back and be a Librarian.


2 thoughts on “Capitalism

  1. I wish I had the freedom of a flush bank account as well. But, I’m still managing to travel, and I highly recommend Machu Pichu — just be prepared for the altitude sickness!

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