DMS: Innovation at Nintendo

Nintendo is a company that dares to dream. In the past they have produced such lasting pillars of gaming as Zelda and Mario, and going into the future they aren’t afraid to embrace crazy ideas.

The Wii console was something no one had ever seen. Before it, video gaming was a stationary activity. A player expected to sit and hold a controller and not move very much throughout the whole experience.

The Wii changed all that. Nintendo gambled on focusing their entire efforts in next-gen gaming on something their competition wasn’t even considering, and it worked. They hit a niche that before 2007 no one even knew existed: casual gaming. There’s even a magazine and association specifically for it.

In the first week, the Wii sold over 1 million units worldwide, more than either or its competitors. A new genre was born: motion games.

Nintendo has had its fair share of successes and flops, but this single product created what has since been a pervasive gaming movement. For a company that basically saved the gaming industry, this was a big risk, and it payed off.


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