DMS Blog: Google and Netflix: the perfect Friday night.

For today’s blog I’m going to focus on two of the biggest, most widely-used services available in today’s digital market: Google and Netflix.

I don’t know many fellow college students who don’t have and regularly use either, and the majority do both. Google’s wide array of totally cool free services are both easy to use and prolific. Netflix is the college student’s best friend: tons of entertaining content for a low monthly fee. Most kids share their accounts with others to cut costs.

I use Google for email, research, news, and for Drive. I love Google Drive. I don’t have to worry about losing huge papers on flash drives or forgetting to print them out before class. I simply upload it to Drive and presto, nothing to worry about. I’ve also used the free storage I get to write a lot of short stories and notes to myself, as I know I have access to them anywhere so I’ll never lose them.

The reason I pay for Netflix is simple: I couldn’t live without it. There isn’t a day that goes by when my roommates and I don’t fire up the “Netflix machine”–our affectionate name for what our xbox has become–and throw on some show as a background to our schoolwork. Netflix has become to us what cable was to our parents. Some people are very enthusiastic:


Google will never charge for their services. They’ve already got more money than they know what to do with and will continue to expand exponentially for the foreseeable future.  Plus, their success depends on people using their stuff for free, as that drives more eyes to their ads. However, if they did, I would probably still pay for it. Their stuff is just too good.

If Netflix were free, every college student would have it. Almost everyone already does, mind you, but most kids get started with the one month free trial and then switch over to the monthly subscription.

Here’s a few links that, while unrelated, are still pretty interesting:

Google’s education program, centered on college students.

An article about how college kids are inevitably going to abuse Google Glass.

Another article that says some people were willing to pay up to $20 a month for Netflix, but not cable.


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