Habit Town

The app is Habit Town.

Habit Town is all about motivating you to do the things that you need to do. It’s a daily planner with a twist.

Open the desktop component of Habit Town, and you are greeted by your Habiteers, small animated sprites similar to the minions in Despicable Me. You control the fate of their town. Do your tasks, and these little guys will run around all by themselves and doing things, like building or falling in love. By doing your tasks, you help them grow and prosper.


The more things you check off your to-do list, the more unexpected things your Habiteers will do. But be careful, leave an item unchecked for too long, and disaster could strike.

The interface will look something like the image above, with your tasks overlaid onto the backdrop of Habiteers. They will idly do things in the background; they might fly a plane or ski down a mountain, or perhaps they’re holding a parade that day, who knows? Check off a task, and the Habiteers will celebrate.


The more tasks you check off, the more they grow. By doing the things you need to do every day, you will watch as your small settlement grows into a bustling city.

As your town progresses, you will unlock more components of the app. Eventually, a map will become available for you to see just how large your town has grown.


The Habiteers are smart, too. Check off “Do Laundry,” and they will celebrate by doing their own laundry.


The app comes preloaded with standard daily tasks tied to various key words that start animations, but you can customize it however you like, including having multiple to-do lists.


Don’t do your chores for too long, and the Habit Town will start to break down. An asteroid might hit the next time you load the app, or perhaps a giant dinosaur-like monster will be rampaging through the city. You never know what’s going to happen, and that’s half the fun!


There will also be a mobile component with a simplified UI that you can use to check off tasks as you do them so you don’t have to fire up your computer every time you want to check something off. The mobile app will still feature the animations of the desktop component, but on a much smaller scale.

So, would you use something like this? Weigh in in the comments below or by sending me a Facebook message. Thanks for your help!


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