DMS: Wunderlist Features To-do Sharing

What if you could share your digital to-do lists with whoever you want? That’s a question German-based Wunderlist has explored with success.

After getting a free Wunderlist account, it’s fairly easy to start setting tasks into different categories organized in a way that makes sense. Private, work, shopping, etc are all featured as tabs on the left of the screen.

Sharing is the most interesting part of the app. It’s extremely easy to do. Just push a button on the home screen and you can share the list via a text message, e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, and even Google Keep.

This could be incredibly useful for couples who want to share a shopping list, or who are planning a trip, or for colleagues collaborating on a project who want to check in on each other’s progress.

There is a Pro feature that unlocks comments, attaching image files, and a few other things like backgrounds for a monthly fee. This is something I’m not sure is very popular. There are other services like Google Drive which do exactly this for free. To combat this, the developers are offering up to a year of Wunderlist pro for free on Twitter.

Wunderlist has been downloaded over 1 million times on Android, and is available on iPhone and Windows Phone as well. One reviewer said that it might give Evernote a run for its money. It’s an interesting idea to be able to share to-do lists that I may incorporate into my own product.


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