Reddit Advice 1: An Overview


If you’ve never heard of reddit, you may want to stop reading, or risk losing the last vestige of productivity you’ve been carefully shielding from the barrage of our attention-sucking world.

No? Ok, please, read on.

Reddit is a social news and entertainment site known for its open and diverse, but also fiercely shrewd, community comprised of about 6% of adult internet users.


Ad Age covered reddit in a pretty good article in May of this year, listing reddit’s unique visitors at just over 400 million. Yeah, that sounds pretty mainstream.


What’s interesting though is that the site content consists of links and text posts organized into various “subreddits,” pages created and moderated by users. The site is entirely user-generated; all of the content on reddit comes from its users. Topics cover religion, politics, internet memes, and even trees (though not in the way you probably think). President Obama even did an open interview a year ago.

So, yeah, reddit is pretty cool. Recently, user Lanathell shared with me a list of advice he compiled from a popular subreddit I frequent, /r/AskReddit. AskReddit is a page where users of the site can go to ask and answer questions ranging relationship advice for one person to a site-wide request.

The page is constantly updated with new, interesting content. Just today, somebody asked “What are you absolutely passionate about and can’t understand why others are not?” With replies like the human body, robots, movie scores, and even llamas-with a bulleted list explaining exactly why-it’s easy to see why the site is always fascinating.

The most popular post to date asks for users to divulge their deepest, darkest, most life-destroying secrets, which to date has more than 44,000 comments. If you want to read some of the most deeply emotional human experiences I’ve ever seen, click this link.

I’m still working my way through all of the advice Lanathell has given me, but here are a few that stand out:

The best toast: “To absent friends.”

How to break the ice: “What’s your favorite food and where do I get it?”

Four universal experiences: Food, sleep, sex, family

Four universal thoughts: hopes, goals, aspirations, fears

The best compliment for a man: “You’re the type of guy every father hopes his daughter meets.”

The best compliment for a woman: “You’re incredibly beautiful, and that’s the least interesting thing about you.”

I’m starting a series about all of the fantastic advice I have at my fingertips. I’m looking forward to letting you know what I find.


2 thoughts on “Reddit Advice 1: An Overview

  1. What an engrossing article or whatever you call this. I have not been to the reddit but plan to based on your wonderful post. Good job

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